Sponsor a tree

Founder trustee Jaco Prinsloo stems from ten generations of Prinsloo families who have been living in South Africa since 1681.

Prior to Dutch migrations caused by religious and political strife, personal choices and hardship, the surname most possibly originated as to have been given to appointees tasked by the Nassau and Oranje royal dynasties to take care of the forests surrounding a hunting castle which was built during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in the highlands of today’s Gelderland. The “Jachtschlot het Oude Loo” still belongs to the Netherlands’ royal family.

“Loo” means “forest”, and the importance of saving and regenerating the earth’s threatened tree life has become crucially necessary for continuance of all existing life on the planet. The Trust’s quest took root many centuries ago, and the execution of our taking care of the forest comes from within our own given nature.