CSI Solutions

Nobantu Charity Trust (NCT) is a registered Public Benefit Organisation which strives to develop neglected South African niches in a methodical and accountable way.

We drive Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives and address the trends of a community’s needs through creation of solutions and planned implementation thereof. Our trustees and employees are passionate, focused and determined to bring about real and lasting upliftment for the communities within which we serve.


Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is managed to achieve sustainable results, which requires the support and integration of the complementary roles needed to be played by the private business and public sectors, government departments, educational institutions, existing organizations within communities and other stakeholders relevant to the establishment of successful projects. NCT achieves this by:

·  Creating a network.

·  Building extensive partnerships and creative flagship projects.

·  Linking CSI initiatives with corporate initiatives and be visible at grass roots level.

·  Making CSI a strategic business imperative and utilising it as a business tool.

·  Encouraging independence and ownership to ensure development and sustainable growth of projects.

·  Encouraging employee involvement and volunteering programmes, and linking these to CSI projects.

·  Adding strategic vision to CSI and developing a CSI strategy.

·  Researching, identifying and managing appropriate CSI initiatives and opportunities.

·  Acting as a catalyst for others to access wider and larger resources.

·  Networking and communicating with clients, partners and government to engage in CSI partnerships.

·  Creating effective evaluation models. ·  Working towards establishment of high impact and sustainable projects


Our skills and expertise include:

·  Research

·  Monitoring and evaluation

·  Project management

·  B-BBEE and Enterprise development

·  Communication

·  Environmental consideration

·  Corporate Social Responsibility

·  Social Development

·  Governance

·  Strategy

Our core competency lies in our broad knowledge base of a diverse range of social development projects. Our hands-on engagement and research enable us to learn from experience and optimise efficiency in practise in such a way that successful projects can be turned into replicable models.